About Us

Hi! We’re the McMenomy’s. Today we are the owners of the Creamery, but we started out as customers. We are honored and excited to be taking over the reins of this long-standing North Idaho gem. It seems everyone has a story about the Harrison Creamery. This is ours:

It was the summer of 2010, and we were on our summer vacation from Minneapolis, MN. We had an extra day to “waste” before checking into our hotel in Missoula, so we drove a spell down I-90 to see what Idaho had to offer. We exited on Highway 3, poking light fun at my father, who had for decades told us to “check out Idaho.” We got very quiet as we both took in the vantage point of the White Pines Highway and meandered our way to a tiny little spot called Harrison. The quiet was because we had steadfastly been committed to moving to Montana, and that changed in a twinkle of the eye, and no one wanted to say it out loud first.

At the time, we had small children and big dogs – so when we stumbled upon a park and an ice cream shop set against a beautiful lake, we decided to park for a minute—that minute turned into days. The crescendo occurred as we waited in line to get ice cream (for the umpteenth time). We noticed the real estate ads just outside the door. I know many of you know the exact sign I am speaking of!

But that day – at The Harrison Creamery – we decided – this place is our future home. Also, this ice cream shop was our children’s first job, their first experience with customer service and hard work. This ice cream shop has the only fudge I can consistently know my mom will appreciate as a gift and where I can find my dad after his daily trike ride. It has become, in a way, a central cog in so much of our family story. I hope it becomes an enjoyable part of yours.

Please feel free to drop in, say Hi, and let us know your Harrison Creamery Memory!

– The McMenomy Family –